Friday, October 8
  • Time:

    10 p.m.
  • Where:

    MRC Avignon Stage
  • Admission:

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Bon Débarras

Over the years, Bon Débarras has been able to express a unique identity, style, and energy, beautifully served by the versatility of the musicians. The Montreal trio (Dominic Desrochers, Jean-François Dumas and Véronique Plasse) stands out by its original compositions and musical atmosphere combining guitar, banjo, violin, viola, harmonica, jaw harp and ukulele accompanied by podorythmy, jig and body percussion.

Anchored in its Quebec roots, Bon Débarras is inspired by the traditions of French-speaking America and the rest of the world to create music imbued with poetry, rhythmic urban sounds, or the deep roots of First Nations. The result is music that is both rumbling with love and rocking with energy, resolutely breaking down silence.

"We jig, we dance, we hit our bodies and we make the body percussion very alive. Between folk, song and trad, Bon Débarras succeeds in another good move".-Yves Bernard, Le Devoir