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The weather

When fall arrives in Gaspésie and La Virée Trad Festival is in full swing, you will be amazed at the blaze of colour everywhere. You will enjoy the tree leaves’ flamboyant reds, bright oranges, intense yellows, and gentle greens. Colour changes are the result of fewer hours of sunlight and lower temperatures. Festival goers must therefore bring something warm to wear. Fall is usually true to tradition with sharp fluctuations in temperature. Days sometimes feel like summer and sometimes they are grey. These temperature variations are partly caused by the La Niña phenomenon. In such conditions, after the first night frosts, an Indian summer sometimes makes an appearance during La Virée Trad Festival.

During the first 21 editions of the Festival, daytime temperatures generally ranged from 10° to 20°C with a few exceptional years when we enjoyed an Indian summer. Almost 95% of activities take place under some kind of cover (concert halls, big tops, foyer, exhibition hall). All activities are therefore maintained in case of rain even if we have been rather lucky so far. Do plan on bringing a warm sweater or coat for the evenings since nights are already chilly at that time of the year and frost is not rare.

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