Saturday, October 7
  • Time:

    1 p.m.
  • Where:

    Studio at the Quai des arts
  • Admission:

    $25 adult, $15 student
Galant, tu perds ton temps
20th anniversary show!

For 20 years now, the 6 members of Galant, tu perds ton temps have been captivating audiences all across Quebec with their passionate and fascinating approach, their charisma, and their contagious energy.

Jacinthe Dubé, Stéphanie Lépine (replacing Josiane Hébert), Evelyne Gélinas, Isabelle Payette, Mia Lacroix, and Louis-Simon Lemieux are the brilliant ambassadors of a living, vibrant, and intelligent folklore.

Galant, tu perds ton temps came to life in early 2003, with the ambition of showcasing the traditional repertoire with a female character, singing together, in unison or in harmony. Over time, not only has the passion grown, but also the rigor in their work, the desire to push the limits of a cappella, and of course, their friendship!