Saturday, October 7
  • Time:

    8 p.m.
  • Where:

    Studio at the Quai des arts
  • Admission:

    $35 adult, $18 student
Oktoécho and Six Hearts

Oktoécho resents Saimaniq, winner of the 2018 Opus Award for World Music Album of the Year. An original creation centered around katajjaq, the Inuit throat singing, Saimaniq, meaning "Peace" in Inuktitut, evokes the desert spaces and transports the listener into a feeling of freedom and infinite expanse. Polyrhythms from the Emirati deserts, Japanese and Scandinavian flutes, and electronic music blend with throat singing to revisit and pay homage to the beauty and richness of Inuit art.

With Katia Makdissi-Warren (composition, electronic), Nina Segalowitz and Lydia Etok (Inuit throat singing), Hélène Martel (jazz singing and experimental throat singing), Michel Dubeau (flutes), Carla Antoun (cello), Bertil Schulrabe (percussions), and Eryk Warren (electronic).

"The result is fascinating. At the edges of icy deserts and endless sands, humans explore untouched and distant spaces. Literally unheard of. These voices from another century, magnified by the modern breath of the composer's music, are of striking beauty. [...] It's Quebec's musical surprise of the season."
Ralph Boncy - Voir

6 Hearts

6 Hearts is a collaboration between two members of Vishtèn and two members of The East Pointers, two of the most renowned groups of all time from Prince Edward Island.

Emmanuelle Leblanc, Pascal Miousse, Jake Charron, and Tim Chaisson combine their talents to create captivating contemporary traditional music, focused on healing through sound. The name 6 Hearts refers to the four present members as well as the two members who remain with them in thought and heart.