Sunday, October 10
  • Time:

    8 p.m.
  • Where:

    St. Joseph's Church, Carleton
  • Admission:

    $25 adult
    $15 student
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La Nef et 4 Charbonniers
La Traverse miraculeuse

La Traverse Miraculeuse,  is a musical show bringing together 4 Charbonniers et La Nef, that has become a legendary event! With on board many songs to navigate, to fight and to court on the rivers and seas of the world, naïve songs or imbued with mystery. The show invites you to a happy meeting of traditional and ancient music... of today! An extraordinary event delivered by two cult groups.

4 Charbonniers is a Quebec acapella group specialized in the research and interpretation of the repertoire from oral tradition. Composed of four experienced singers – Michel Bordeleau, Michel Faubert, André Marchand, and Normand Miron – the originality of their approach combines the ability to continuously update their repertoire while preserving the continuity in the sung heritage with the tapping of the feet accompanying the rhythm of the voices.

La Nef creates, produces, and broadcasts concerts, multidisciplinary and multimedia shows, physical and digital albums, musical tales, and CD-books. Its extensive repertoire ranges from early and traditional music to current and contemporary approaches to creative music and world music. La Nef’s is recognized for its high musical and artistic quality and its distinctive character, a unique and original signature. The team of sailors consists of Seán Dagher on cittern, Alex Kelher on violin and nyckelharpa, Amanda Keesmaat on cello, Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves on flutes and chalumeaux (single-reed woodwind instrument) and Éric Breton on percussion.