Sunday, October 8
  • Time:

    5 p.m.
  • Where:

    Foyer of the Quai des arts
  • Admission:

    Free without resrervation
CAUSERIE - La pêche aux coques

In the spring and in fall, hundreds of Gaspe men and women gather along the coast to dig for softshell clams (mya arenaria), commonly known as "coques."

More than just a fishing activity, this traditional practice reflects a unique relationship that the locals have with the land. On the mudflats, a variety of skills has shaped Gaspe's identity for centuries.

During the chat, hosted by historians Michel Landry and Paul Lemieux, you can learn more about or share experiences regarding this ancient practice, which is an integral part of the region's intangible heritage.

Bar and catering services will be available on-site.