Saturday, October 9
  • Time:

    8 p.m.
  • Where:

    Hydro-Québec Studio at the Quai des arts
  • Admission:

    $25 adult
    $15 student
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Les Chauffeurs à pieds and Genticorum

With their eight records, including three ADISQ nominees, praised by the public and the media, not to mention their passion and musical intelligence, Les Chauffeurs à pieds confirm their status as the leading group of the trad. The sometimes rough and sometimes licked aesthetics of the arrangements, the high technical level of the musicians and their unique signature have led Les Chauffeurs à pied to take part in many events in Quebec, the United States, Europe and even as far as Africa and Australia.

For this 20th edition, the group presents its latest show Déversement d'huile, winner of the Opus Prize for the traditional music concert of the year 2020.

With Antoine Gauthier (violin, mandolin, voice), Louis-Simon Lemieux (violin, voice), Benoît Fortier (keyboard, horn, voice), Olivier Soucy (guitars, voice) and Steve Hamel (percussion).

"I was won over by a huge dose of originality in the arrangements, and a rare musical quality." Trad Magazine – France


With juno and ADISQ nominations, four Canadian Folk Music Awards and thousands of career concerts, Genticorum has been a proud ambassador of traditional local music for over 20 years.

During this impressive journey, the trio has carved out a premium position for itself on the international scene of traditional, folk, and Celtic music. The band's ten albums have been critically acclaimed in Canada and abroad and have allowed them to develop a solid career. Known for its precision, energy and stage presence, the group has presented its shows on multiple occasions in more than fifteen countries.

With Yann Falquet (voice, guitar, diatonic accordion, jaw harp), Pascal Gemme (voice, violin and podorythmy) and Nicholas Williams (voice, accordion, and Irish flute).

"Nuanced in approach, rock in attitude, the Genticorum power trio is a perfect blend of refinement and simplicity."> Yves Bernard - Le Devoir